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Welcome to KINECO

Kineco’s wide range of process capabilities & skill sets in design & manufacture of composites has over the years become its key towards becoming a world class composite maker.

Design & Tooling

Solid works & Catia etc. Our 5 axes CNC router makes it easy to create rapid patterns with a wide variety of pattern materials ranging from MDF to Epoxy blocks.The CNC router can machine components upto 10m in length. Kineco develops tooling/moulds for all its products in-house hence ideally reduces lead times required for new product developments.


This is one of the most conventional; processes process used in the FRP industry. This process being open moulded & labor intensive is highly preferred for cost efficient & volume based production of automobile & mass transit.

Resin Infusion

It’s a open moulded process superior to hand-lay-up due to its ability to achieve better consolidation, uniform thickness & higher fibre content. Kineco has incorporated this process for several railway products like Front Ends & Interior Panels thus delivering a technologically superior product. With resin infusion Kineco is also able to mould large sandwich structures like front ends of railways in a much faster & efficient manner.

Filament Winding

Kineco’s filament winding machine is able to wind pressure vessels as large as 10m long & 4m in dia! Kineco has not only supplying pressure vessels for the Indian market but also exports them across the globe. JEC Asia recently awarded Kienco’s revolutionary & innovative product the “Undercarriage Tank for Rail Coaches with its Excellence in innovation awards. The 5 axes machine is capable of producing technologically superior seamless vessels as compared to conventional 3 piece design.

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