Kineco - World of Composites


Design & Engineering
Kineco offers engineering solutions for its customers in composites ranging from concept design, structural design, engineering design & ... read more

Kineco offers end to end solutions in composites for its customers, In view of this Kineco has set up a full fledge tool room meeting aerospace standards. Key Highlights ... read more

Hand Lay-up / Spray-up
Hand Lay-up is one of the most conventional processes in composite industry. This process involves single sided low cost ... read more

Resin Infusion
Resin Infusion is an open moulded process in a closed system, superior to hand-lay-up due to its ability to ... read more

Filament Winding
Kineco’s filament winding machine is able to wind pressure vessels as large as 10m long & 4m in diameter. ... read more

Resin Transfer Moulding is a closed mould process in which a finish in both sides is achievable. Kineco over the years of increasing volumes has developed a RTM facility capable ... read more