Kineco - World of Composites

Company Profile

KINECO PRIVATE LIMITED is a multi faceted composites manufacturer and an industry leader in India in performance and technology.

Driven by entrepreneurial zeal and passion for composites, the Company which made a very modest beginning in 1995 has made substantial progress with innovation & technology being its prime movers.



  • Headquartered in Goa – India
  • First generation enterprise, with 18 years of performance history in composite product design and manufacturing.
  • Driven by a pool of talented and multinational professionals with immense domain expertise in composites.
  • A very diverse product portfolio covering a wide band of the composite industry from “Landspace to Aerospace”.
  • Process expertise includes filament winding, RTM, resin infusion, prepreg autoclave moulding, spray-up and hand lay up.
  • More than half the production output is exported globally, to highly competitive & quality sensitive markets in Europe, U.S, Middle East & Latin America.
  • All manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified.
  • The Group employs 150 people with a combined space of over 10,000 sq. meters.
  • Has expertise in handling glass, carbon and aramid reinforcement in combination with polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin systems including prepregs.
  • Provides total service in new application development covering concept design (including structural & aesthetic design), tooling, prototyping, serial manufacturing & post sales installation / maintenance.

Markets & Infrastructure:

Kineco is grouped into the following strategic businesses

  • Custom Moulded Products :
    • Predominantly manufactures composite parts and complete assemblies for Mass Transit (Train Coach Interiors & Exteriors), Bus & Truck and other custom applications.
    • Equipped with RTM, VARTM, spray up, hand layup and resin infusion facilities.
  • Filament Wound Products : 
    • Manufactures pipe, tubes, chemical process equipment and pressure vessels primarily for water treatment. Also manufactures products for high end applications in electrical and aerospace industry (glass & carbon fiber based).
    • Equipped with:
      • 5-axis CNC filament winder (4.0m dia, 10.0m length)
      • 2-axis CNC filament winder (1.3m dia x 12m length)
      • Curing Oven (2.5m width x 12m length, Maximum temperature 180 deg C @ 1bar vaccum, equipped with electronic temperature controls & thermocouples for process control)
      • Downstream facilities like extractor, pressure testing facilities, etc.
  • Advanced Composites :
    • Catering to carbon and aramid fiber prepreg based production for defence, aerospace, telecommunications & marine applications.
    • Equipped with :
      • Ovens (upto 2.5m width x 12m length, Maximum temperature 200 deg C @ 1 bar vaccum, Electronic temperature controls & thermocouples for process control)
      • 5-axis CNC router (3.5m width x 10.0 length x 1.2m vertical stroke).
      • Horizontal Lathe
      • Vertical Boring Machine
      • CNC Filament Winder ( Max diameter - 4m, Max length - 10m)
      • CNC Multispindle Winder (Max diameter - 0.6m, Max length - 3m)