Kineco - World of Composites

Company History

Kineco - Company HistoryKineco was born out of the ambition of first generation entrepreneur, Shekhar Sardessai to do something unconventional. With finance collected from friends, Shekhar set up a modest factory in 1995 to manufacture FRP chemical process equipment. Starting with a workforce of ten, Kineco began its journey seeking business from neighboring factories, by showing them the advantages of using FRP over conventional materials. These factories bought tanks, Pressure Vessels, Pipes, and many other products from Kineco in the early years.

The company believes that a key driver of growth is innovation – innovation which delights the user with new and differentiated benefits became Kineco’s USP.

A brief History of Time

FRP IGLOOS1995 : A star is born – Kineco begins commercial operations with a workforce of Just ten people.

1999 : Serving the Nation – Kineco builds Fiber Reinforced Plastic shelters for Indian Troops fighting in the harsh environment of the Northern Himalayas

2002 : Supporting your water needs – Kineco becomes a global supplier of tripod bases for a 2 billion dollar US water treatment equipment company

2003 : On - Time Everytime – Kineco wins "Supplier of the Year" award for delivery of tripod bases for water treatment equipment

Composites of the future2004 : Reliability is our middle name – Kineco wins "Supplier of the Year" award for second consecutive year for delivery of tripod water treatment bases

2004 : Composites our Passion – Kineco in association with IIT Bombay and TIFAC construct the world’s first Sky Bus made entirely from composites.

2005 : Technology our focus – Kineco acquires an autoclave incorporating the latest technology into its processes

2005 : World Class Products our Commitment – Kineco Selected to manufacture body panels for A1 Grand Prix formula racing cars in its brand new Advanced Composites Division

2008 : Innovation our Mission – Kineco wins the prestigious "JEC Innovation Award" for the development of Underslung water tanks for A/c coaches of the Indian Railways.

2010 : Kineco enters into a joint venture with ALTE Transportation, Spain for rail car interiors/exteriors & toilet modules/systems

2013 : Kineco enters into a joint venture with Kaman Aerospace Group Inc, USA for advanced composites for defence & aerospace applications