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Chairmans Message

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As an enterprise, Kineco started with my ambition to do something different. Composites as a material of construction provided us with that platform. Over the years, with what Kineco has done, I think I have come a long way in achieving this ambition. Kineco has always been an accomplishment driven venture and I think that is the single largest differentiator between us and the competition.

Going forward, we want to be a globally recognized composite solution provider to high performance markets in the aerospace and defense sector. To achieve this goal, in 2010 Kineco will set up a full fledged design and development centre equipped with world class infrastructure and the best available human talent.

With this centre in place, any customer should be able to come up to us and say "Here is our problem-give us a composite solution" and we should be able to go to customers anywhere in the world and say "Challenge us-we are ready to compete with the best in the world".