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Kineco has been a supplier to Pentair for the past seven years. During this time, Kineco has provided Pentair with excellent support in the areas of Customer Service, Quality and Delivery. I can confidently recommend Kineco as a solid, reliable supplier who are experts in their field.


Pentair Brad Long - Global Director of Strategic Sourcing
Pentair Residential Filtration


Bateman, from its several world locations has been established, among others, as a leader in solvent extraction technologies. These chemical plant unit operations find wide acceptance in hydrometallurgy, in production of chemical fertilizers and Phosphoric Acid, in bio-fuel operations and more.

In the chemical plant, solvent extraction is typically performed in Mixer-Settlers and in Pulsed Columns.

Starting in late 2005 and ending in 2006, Kineco of Goa, built per our drawings, for Goro Nickel/Cobalt operation in New Caledonia, the world's largest hollow 'Legs' for Pulsed Columns, made of a sophisticated FRP formula.

8 of these 21 legs had a diameter of 2 meters, a total length of 25 meters, 40mm wall thickness and very accurate connecting flanges up to 105 mm thick. These special legs being pressure elements, according to the European rule governing New Caledonia, had to be closely supervised every step of the way by an approved Notified Body. TUV, out of their branch in Mumbai, carried out this supervision in remarkable intensity, certifying every Kineco laminator on the shop floor, supervising the equipment, the materials and additives, the laboratory and the tests, and witnessing the hydrostatic pressure test of every one of the fully assembled legs, on site in New Caledonia. Kineco met the demands of the design, of Bateman supervision, and of TUV exacting requirements in a commendable way, rising in the course of the project to high level of professionalism, without which quality FRP work is not possible.

The excellent atmosphere in Kineco, open and creative, cascading from the top down, will surely bring us back to Goa for more high quality work.


bateman Uri Flohr - Project Manager
Bateman Advanced Technologies


Bateman Litwil N.V. (BNLN) is a global provider of innovative turnkey solutions for the Oil and Gas, Power and Chemical industries. Bateman Litwin also provides technology and proven know-how technology solutions to the Phosphate Sector and Solvent Extraction Applications.

In 2002 BNLN was awarded by Inco-Goro Australia to design and supply of two Solvent Extraction (“SX”) plants which will enable a selective extraction of both nickel and cobalt. These SX plants, will be located in New Caledonia, and consist of 21 Bateman Pulsed Columns (BPC) – highly efficient contactors which enhance solvent extraction during extraction, stripping and scrubbing or washing processes. Those two plants also use two Bateman Reverse Flow Mixer Settlers BNLN patented SX technology. BNLN is expert in FRP, including:-

  • In house capabilities in selecting the most suitable FRP resin, tested in BNLN R&D center.
  • Detail mechanical design of FRP equipment using advance software (i.e. –Final element). The detail design includes; fiber types, the number of and thickness of each layer, corrosion barrier type and thickness and other fabrication details.
  • Training each of the fabricators and technical supervision during fabrication by well experienced FRP team.
  • FRP Fabrication supervision experts at site.

During 2002 BNLN first contacted Kineco. BNLN was looking for a supplier that could fabricate large scale products for one of its solvent extraction (SX) based projects. Also among the needed FRP products were the BPC’s internal parts using Discs and Doughnut.

The BPC’s for the GORO project are the largest ever designed. They required 900 tons of FRP, in over 150 main components, the largest weighing over 23 tons of FRP.

BNLN realized that both the tight schedule and the amount of work in this project made it necessary to distribute the fabrication work among a number of FRP fabricators, each specializing in a different part of the project. BNLN made a supplier qualification survey as it had to locate the optimal fabricators for each item, taking into account machinery, quality, production capacity, technical personnel, experience, production facilities and size, location and price.

While visiting Kineco, BNLN found an FRP production facility with excellent winding equipment, but at the same time not very experienced with large and high quality items. Nevertheless, Kineco personal have been very open minded and willing to do whatever will be necessary for the fabrication.

BNLN decided to place orders at Kineco for the pulsation legs that are pressure pipes, elbows, O Ring seal flanges, reduces, all fabricated in the filament winding method. The Flanges were produced using our technology for dual laminate filament wound high accuracy flanges (flatness of +-2mm). In total more than 60 parts have been fabricated.

In addition, BNLN placed on order on Kineco for app. 25,000 Spacer, for the internals sleeves fabricated in the RTM technique.

The Design Standard for the fabrication and testing was the European standard EN13121 (Still a Draft).

As the parts are pressure parts they need approval as CE certificate by the TUV. All design and fabrication tests have proven positive, and the final pressure test will be done at site after assembly.

The project took about 9 months. During this period BNLN experts visited and inspected the production and enjoyed the cooperative attitude of Kineco which lead to good relationship and team work.


bateman Daniel Neumann
FRP design and quality assurance manager Bateman Advanced Technologies Ltd.