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Our state-of-the art composite Pressure vessels and multimedia filters for pretreatment and filtration applications

Our technologically advanced manufacturing facility equipped with a fully automatic 5 - axes filament winder as well as 2 - axes filament winder complimenting the state-of-art infrastructure and engineering capabilities. This allows us to design, manufacture and supply Pressure Vessels and multimedia filters meeting world class quality and standards.

Our light weight FRP vessels and other components can provide a substantial savings in capital expenditure over typical steel vessels especially when compared to specialty lined vessels or vessels made of exotic metals .  Besides there are ancillary savings gained with  lesser structural support. The perpetual savings achieved over the life cycle of the product due to corrosion resistance and elimination of maintenance costs is a unique characteristic of such components.

These filters are a part of the value chain to the desalination, pool and spa and water treatment industry

Focusing on technology based manufacturing our capability allows us to wind various combinations of hoop, helical & polar winding which is a necessity for pressurized tanks  having a seamless design and sizes ranging from  4 meters diameter and lengths up to 10 meters with following design features:

Polar winding of 100” pressure vessel

Polar winding of 79” pressure vessel

Helical winding of 20" pressure vessel

Salient features of composite vessels

  • UV resistant and outstanding outdoor performance of the vessels
  • Smooth inner finish to prevent dirt adhesion and bacterial growth
  • Completely sealed man holes, air vents, view ports prevents entry of foreign matter including dust
  • Light proof to prevent algae growth
  • Seamless design with polar winding – No chance of leakage
  • No metal components in touch with water, no susceptibility to corrosion
    • No corrosion No maintenance
    • No corrosion No contamination of toxins
    • No corrosion No dwindling of structural properties
    • No corrosion No downtime No interruption of water supply
  • All bolts and nuts of SS 316.
  • Customized volumetric capacities
  • 100% hydro tested at 1.5 times maximum operating pressure

We appraise each and every design detail for customized solution to ensure the our customers get the right product at the right price and endorse what we say “World class products - our commitment”

Glimpses of large capacity filters and other equipments manufactured on our filament winders for our discerning customers

Our filament winding expertise and exposure to technology compliments our diversified and ever-growing product portfolio. With complete solutions from design (Including structural and Industrial) to manufacturing we have a list of products to our range.

Client : Pentair Water India Private Limited, India
Product : Sand filters
Materials used : Epoxy resin wound with 2100 tex roving
Scope : Manufacture and supply

Client : IDE Technologies Limited, Israel
Product : 13 KL FRVE multimedia filters
Materials used : VE resin wound with 2400 tex roving
Scope : Design, manufacture and supply

Client :
Vikram Sarabhai Space Center
Product : FRP filament wound mast
Materials used : Epoxy Resin with multi axial Fabrics and Roving
Scope : Design, manufacture and supply.

Client : Pentair Water India Private Limited, India
Product : 19 KL FRVE sand filter
Materials used : VE resin wound with 2400 tex roving
Scope : Design, manufacture and supply

Client : Thermax Limited, Pune – India
Product : FRVE Wet Scrubber – 24 Mtrs height
Materials used : Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester.
Scope : Design, manufacture and supply.


Client : Bateman Advanced Technologies, Yokneam – Israel
Product : FRP Pulsation Legs for solvent extraction of Nickel & Cobalt.
Materials used : Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester with Carbon Veil Corrosion Barrier, manufactured by Filament Winding.
Scope : Manufacture and supply.
USP : Product CE Marked by TUV Germany and to be installed at Goro Nickel Project in New Caledonia– World’s largest solvent extraction plant.

Client : BFG International, Bahrain
Product : Flag Pole
Materials used : Glass reinforced Polyester manufactured by Filament Winding on Tapered metal mandrel.
Scope : Design and mass production

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