Kineco’s industrial business is currently centered on following product lines:

  1. Large diameter FRP pressure vessels for chemical processing and water filtration plants.
  2. Manhole covers for fuel retail outlets and fuel storage tanks.
  3. Carbon fiber tables for medical imaging equipment

Kineco has a rich history of successful deliveries of pressure vessels and allied products for corrosive environments, both for domestic and export orders.

Kineco is the only manufacturer in the country having design and manufacturing capabilities for large diameter high pressure vessels (8m length x 4 m dia) that meets international standards (ASME Section X, EN-13121 EN-13923).

Kineco intends to spin off this expertise in filament winding technology to expand the industrial product portfolio so as to include among others underground fuel tanks for gas stations.

Kineco will tailor its strategy to serve these two product segments of water filtration/chemical processing and fuel storage segments which require high customization and have high switching costs in case of change in supplier.