In pultrusion, Kineco set out to be a niche player with radomes for mobile tower antenna as its first product offering. Thin walled Radome is a technologically demanding product in pultrusion profiles industry considering the strict tolerances for thickness. Kineco became the 1st company in India to successfully develop and manufacture thin-walled glass fibre Radomes for mobile tower antenna of 1.75 to 2.20 mm thickness that meet RF transparency and dielectric constant specifications.

Building on our experience with India’s biggest antenna manufacturer as the anchor customer, within a short span of couple of years, Kineco has successfully added two more customers from the Mobile Antenna sector, thereby serving the three leading players in this sector accounting for around 80% of the total product demand.

Kineco’s infrastructure and experience in pultrusion technology especially in developing a product with tight tolerances such as radome is a key attribute that differentiates it from rest of the competition. Kineco’s dedicated facility for manufacturing pultruded products has four hydraulic 20T automatic pultrusion machines with PID temperature controls and precise automatic online cutter. The machines are operated through PLC (Programmable logic control) and MMI (Man machine interface) and equipped with heating systems, rowing stands, resin baths and preformers. Precision CNC tooling made of special tool steel are used for manufacturing various complex profiles.

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