Kineco’s Pultrusion Business was started in 2015 as new incubation venture with Andrew Telecom (Comm-scope) as an anchor customer.

Kineco set out to be a niche player in Pultrusion with radomes for mobile tower antenna as its first product offering. Thin walled Radome is a technologically demanding product in Pultrusion profiles industry considering the strict tolerances for thickness. Despite a steep learning curve, Kineco was able to deliver a high quality product as per customer expectation.

Building on our rich and versatile experience within a short span of couple of years, Kineco successfully added two more customers from the Mobile Antenna sector, thereby serving the three leading players in this sector accounting for around 80% of the total product demand.

Based on the orders received and business anticipated from these customers Kineco has consistently added to production capacity and currently has 4 manufacturing lines.

Kineco has expanded its product portfolio in telecom sector with the recent introduction of the ‘Composite smart pole’ used for laying of fixed line broadband network. Kineco’s infrastructure and experience in Pultrusion technology especially in developing a product with tight tolerances was a key attribute that convinced Reliance Jio to engage Kineco for design and development followed by a first order for 25,000 poles for their FTTH network.

On 14 October 2021, Kineco Group announced a Joint Venture for Indian pultrusion market with Exel Composites, Finland, world’s largest company in pultruded composites. The JV company, Kineco Exel Composites India Pvt. Ltd. is based in Goa and offers pultruded composite solutions to variety of industries. For more information on this JV please visit:Kineco Exel Composites India.